Freezer Jam, Step by Step

It is Strawberry Season. And if It ain't yet, it will be. I thought I would show you just how easy freezer jam can be. Freezer jam is not cooked. You don't have to sterlize the jars and then put them in a hot water bath. You just put it in your freezer, or your refrigerator if you going to eat it in the next few months. Yeap, it stays  there for a few months just fine.  Mine only lasts a few weeks because we mix it in vanilla yogurt.
And make awesome PB&J's
And eat it on bread and just about anything else we can schmear it on.

First you need some wonderful plump yummy strawberries. We get them from Plant City here in Florida. Or you can grow your own, but that is another post.
Next, Wash your strawberries. And then lay them out here like this so you can check them for soft spots or bite marks.  I also like to let them dry off a bit.  Don't want to water down the jam.
Now you want to choose how to cut them up. I am blending them, so I am leaving them whole. My kids are in the "No bumps" in my food phase. Its a texture thing. If you want to leave a few to the side and chop them up with a knife and throw that into the blended mess afterward to give yours some texture.. that would be just fine.
Now this next part is real important. This is the difference between soupy jam and firm jam. The difference between easy life jam and difficult life jam. Lets make life easy shall we?  Purchase  the right ingredients from the start.
 Instant pectin is mixed first with the sugar. NO cooking. Just stir it together and set aside.

You will need sugar (or splenda for us diabetics)  and Pectin. But not just any old pectin. You need INSTANT fruit pectin.  This is the close up from Walmart, but the brand is Ball. You can order it online. Its just about $2.00 a package. 
And if we are doing a cost comparison... well your store bought stuff is cheaper sometimes. If you find jars at a fleamarket, and if you buy your stuff in bulk and if you have strawberries for about .70 cents a pint.. then it can be cheaper to make your own. But know this... It will always taste better and be healthier for you to do this recipe.
Ok, lets make some Jam.

.. Oops gotta go blend the berries.
This is my choice. You may use a knife, or a food processor or a blender. I love this hand blender.

Just mash it down. And in a few moments you have....

....Strawberry soup.
Now you take your strawberry soup and add it to the pectin and sugar mix.
Stir it up for three mins. That is it. Look it's already getting thick.
I am telling you this is so easy.

Now to have a picture of me ladeling this stuff into the jars, I would have had to set up the tripod...
 and a timer ...
adjust the lighting and focus...
 I love you, but come on, you know how to use a ladle. Right?
Fill the jar.
 Slap the lids on and presto.

What more can you ask for? Only 1.5 cups of sugar or splenda in 4 cups of fruit. As opposed to the older boil method which requires 7 cups of sugar to the same 4 cups of fruit.. That is a lot of sugar for the store bought stuff too.  I am not knocking the store bought stuff.  I like the store bought stuff.
(This is Girl Schmuck your talking to. I married into the family for goodness sake.)
So I hope I have inspired you to do this with your kids, your mom or yourself. 
Great gift ideas too.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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