Ring around the finger

Dear God, thank you for humor. Thank you for your love which we can never take off, remove or separate ourselves from.

Warning: I am having a Jerry Seinfeld moment...talking about the ridiculous things I just take notice of.

I had to take my wedding ring off to go work in the garden, playing in the black dirt. Its a good time to let the ring set in cleaning solution so to remove all the soap scum. Did you know that while the rest of the county is freezing under blankets of snow, we are getting spring time weather and I am prepping the garden? No, not rubbing your face in that.. just stating why people love Florida. Its 40 at night and 75 in the day time right now.  By March we will have the air condition on and swimming in the pool.

So I have this indentation around my finger called ring around the finger. Whisk may take out the ring around the collar, but what takes away ring around the finger? The skin under the ring is dry scaly and itchy. Lotion helps until you wash your hands again. Just wondering what you do for this predicament?

I was proud of my tatoo... my non ink, non permenant ring indentation.  I never noticed my mom ever to have one b/c she constantly changed her rings up.. yes she had that many. I never knew she had a wedding ring ... she never wore it. It was a beautiful solid band of gold.

I have huge knuckles. I cracked my knuckles as a kid. I don't know if that leads to big knuckles but I have them. Almost all rings won't go over my knuckles. If the ring finally gets past the knuckle, then they get to the skinny finger part and spin on my fingers. I only wear my wedding ring.. yeah it spins too.

So what do you know about fixing the problem? Do we just leave the ring off awhile? Do you get collegen shots for your fingers? Do you set up appointments for hand therapy massage? I honestly don't know. While all my girl friends where shopping, applying make up, shoe buying and learning about  the next great skin care product I was out in my back yard constructing a three story tree house in the giant ficus trees that lined our back yard. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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