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Thank you Marshel.  My friend Marshel was the one who recomended this site to get free books. If you promise to read the book, write a review and list the website in your blog... You keep the book for free.
  I am suppose to ask you to visit the website and rate my review. They offer you other incentives like "special prizes" if  you get lots of good ratings.... or something like that. I am just thrilled to read and write about great books. Its a faith based book company called  and here is a direct quote from their website:

"This program was designed for one purpose: Give out free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review.
It’s a win/win really. Bloggers get free books (who doesn’t love a free book!) and WaterBrook gets bloggers talking about our books (we love it when people buzz about our books!)."
So have I done my job... Yes. I got the above book for free. (I think I am suppose to tell you that too.)  Oh and by the way you don't have to like the book. You just have to promise to write your honest opinion without being vulgar.  So yesterday I got my first free book. I wrote my review, and immediately I am allowed to order another free book. That is just so cool. (Teachers, I know you are thinking...hmmm, that is less money out of my pocket for my classroom.. YES! YES! YES!) FREE FREE FREE

This is my review that I posted on their website.

God Gave us the World.

Kids come up with the toughest questions. Questions that sometimes we don't always have answers to. Some questions are great reminders helping us adults remember why we believe what we belive in, trust in and accept. Little Cub's Mama explains, "We love what we know, because it's Home to us". Little Cub still has more questions and Mama does her best to answer them all. This is a great book when explaining ethnic differences in other countries as well as differences in our own community. A great reminder that The world is big enough for all of us. This is the second book I have enjoyed by author Lisa Tawn Bergren.

Oh and big warning to those of you that may think about scamming by creating multi blogs to get multi free books.. they will shut you out and you won't get another free book. One book at a time, don't be greedy. Read it, write it and order another.. Its just that simple.  Oh yeah,  Happy Ground Hog Day. This is Girl Schmuck Signing off.

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