2010 vacation -The cabin in the woods

We spent a week in the Georgia Mountains. It was so wonderful. The temps were so much cooler than down here in hot Florida. My kids had a blast collecting acorns and racing them down the steep driveway. They would rather do this than play video games. So here are some pictures of things we did.

Kids racing acorns down the driveway. What you thought I was making that up?

Look close at this next picture.

There are three deer in the front yard. We loved this pastime. I wish I could do this at my own house.

Relaxing on the front porch, watching the deer in the front yard.

Teaching the kids to play pool in the beautifully finished basement.

We went to the famous Burts Pumpkin Patch. And there is lots to do there.

The hay ride is about 20 mins long, with animated pumpkins that we stopped and listened too.

Then we had to go hike up the mountain to see some falls. We started here, nice and level.

We climbed all the way up. 175 steep stairs. On the way down my thighs were shaking and my lungs had collapsed. The kids on the other hand ran up the path and then ran back down. They offered to push me up.

 And the corn maze. There is so much more, like apple picking, making pie, roasting marshmellows. I will post more tomorrow.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Looks like you and your family had a great vacation! I love fall :)

  2. Wow - looks like an amazing holiday!