The Princess and the Dog

Tell me, please. Tell me how would you title this picture? Princess, Queen of Everything?
Hand me my royal Septor?

If I title it, then you ,the reader will just say, "Oh well mama is bragging." And I do believe in bragging especially about this little angel.

Ok what about this picture? what would you title this one?
I KNOW Right. I was thinking the same thing. She is so precious. Can you believe I really gave birth to her?
Its so hard to stop kissing this face. Ohh I just love this little peanut.

Here are all the little darllings showing off their beautiful braclets and anklets.
Notice the Pink Tail attached to my daughters shirt tail???

Well it was a dog party for sure, Take a look.
I made them beg for treats.

Apparently when you feed them Dog treats, they sprout tails and...

Start eating out of bowls and  the worst is when they...

Start training mama and then give her big wet...

KISSES, just like a dog.

And then after all the pool time, making food, eating cake, making bracelets and opening tons of gifts
this can happen. I swear I don't even remember this moment.

Please don't ask about the short blinds on the window behind me. This is a very sore subject.
I will just say I am decorator challenged and need major intervention help.
Its a nice way to say I am CHEAP
More later
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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