The New and improved Diesel slip and slide

There are no pictues for this post, my hands were too slippery to hold the camera. Keep reading

"Diesel, get your towel and go take a shower in mommy's shower."

So five minutes later, OK fine it was really 20 minutes later, I said. "OK, time to get out, turn off the water".  He came out of the shower super shiny. Water was beading upon his little torso. 

"Diesel, did you use some of mommy's baby oil gel?" 

He used the ENTIRE bottle. I couldn't even pick it up. I had to grab a towel because ever time I tried to grab it slipped out of my hand. My shower stall was a home made slip and slide, curiosity of my six year old and some imagination. What do you use to remove that much oil?

"Hello is this the BP hot line?"

I was stupid to believe my six year old son was able to avoid temptation. I was reading my book, and listening but not paying attention. I was being lazy. I had a full belly and wanted to believe my son was really about to graduate from obedience school with honors.

I have used Green clorox, scrubbing bubbles and The works shower cleaner. Nothing, its still slick as snot. (sorry mom for saying snot) I need a BP oil tanker with a huge vacuum.
I need heavy duty car grease remover from the auto parts store. I know they make that, because my brother use to work on his car. I had to laugh because I would have done the same exact thing if my mom had baby oil in her shower.
I actually got in the shower and promptly fell on my butt.  Yes, now I have a greasy butt too.  I yelled at him for touching things that don't belong to him and not respecting others property.  So what he heard was:

"blaha blah hha ahha  blad going to remove your toys from your room, blah hla hallds balad go to bed, goodnight."
I am sure he will be the best smelling kid in Sunday School tomorrow with the softest skin.

Please send me your ideas of how to remove that much oil from the shower stall. 

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Ammonia...or maybe Dawn dish soap? It removes grease from dishes anyway. The other thing that I would try is Grease Relief...that stuff is great. A friend of mine's daughter used the baby oil in her mom's shower as shampoo. It has horrible. She washed her hair with Dawn a couple of times though, and it worked pretty well. Let us know what happened!

  2. Dawn, It takes grease out of your way. Had not thought of that and thanks for the great idea. We had a long long talk tonight and when I walked out of the bathroom, he took the wash cloth and stopped the water from going down the drain and the soap bubbles and water were whoosing out from under the shower door. From now on, we will have very supervised 3 min showers.