Mama Rats' Baby Mouse

This is Stinker Belle AKA...Mama Rats' Baby Mouse...consuming her favorite food. Cheese and Crackers. Notice the eyes rolled back in her head? Its the soothing creamy way cheese has on the nervous system. This is exactly what happens to me too when I eat my favorite food. The problem is all food is my favorite food. If you don't mind can you please ignore the hideously LOUD chair covered in fruit and flower chintz fabric from the 80's. Its another story and this particular story is about Stink and her cheese.

"Mama, I'm hungry." I must hear this 14 times a day. Seriously this tiny little thing should weigh in at 50 pounds. She is only in the 10% on the average growth chart. I buy more cheese than Kraft does. And can anyone tell me why cheese is so expensive? It must be the amount of time it takes to make cheese because the ingredients come from Happy cows right? (I swear just as I wrote that last sentence, she just asked me for crackers and cheese and I threw my head back and cackled) I love to cackle.

There are three reasons I have to make an emergency, grab your keys, get in the car NOW and go grocery shopping, I don't care if its 11:00 at night run. 1. We are out of coffee creamer. 2. We are out of dog food. 3. We are out of cheese.

I buy cheese in the bulk form. I buy cheese sticks, shredded cheese, block cheese and cheese slices. I buy cream cheese, colbyjack, sharp cheddar, Velveeta, Swiss, mozzarella, American, muenster, provolone, goat cheese, feta and then special aged Gouda cheese just for Mama Rat. At any given time, I might have no less than 5 kinds of cheese in 4 different forms in my refrigerator at one time. Stinker Belle can eat cheese for breakfast, cheese for snack with crackers, cheese with more crackers for another snack before lunch. She takes a break and has peanut butter and jelly on white bread cut in a circle only please, for lunch. Then Stinker Belle will come home from school or a friends house and want a snack again. and it will always have cheese in the product. Like goldfish, cheddar cheese crackers. And its mac and cheese of dinner.. sometimes. Mostly its just cheese and crackers. Today, its apples, cheese, crackers and peanut butter...all together. Hey its protein. Ok this is Girl Schmuck signing off for now.

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