The First day of Spring 2010

Saturday, March 20th 2010

Today is Grandmas Birthday. Today is the first day of Spring. Today is Dotti and Steve's wedding anniversay. Today military man lays on the couch with a touch of stomach flu. Today I had to make my own coffee and be content with having coffee without military man next to my side. Yesterday I bought this beautiful lavender shade of purple paint for my daughters room, Stinker Belle. Yesterday I was all geared up to paint. But that was yesterday and today I have feed the kids, fed that dog and managed to take my greasy hair into the shower and even shaved my dragon legs. Dragon legs are legs with hair on them so long you can braid the hair, how I managed to start calling it that, well that would be the story of dragon body, which is body odor so bad you could knock over a dragon. All without military man. I love military man. I love having him by my side and I love the way I feel all fluttery inside when I am with him. He was/is buiding a bunk bed with his very own two hands and a few power tools for our son, Diesel boy. Until the stomach flu hit our family this week.

This is Military Man in his Jungle pants and Desert Storm boots,with real desert sand in them, cutting down a tree in our backyard. Well in this very exact picture he is fixing the chain that keeps flying off the chainsaw. Don't you just hate when chains fly?

So I have decided to leave something worth reading. I have been journaling forever. ok not forever, but for 15 years. I had to work through all the sad stuff until I was able to discover that coloring, painting and even now pictures are all of Gods plan for me in my world. My friends know I live in my own world and they have even started calling it Amy's World. But I have found myself or another slice of me in my married life with military man and having his kids.

Diesel boy is now just six years old and has his own sarcastic side, his creative side and his loving tender side. Stinker Bell is three and she knows she is full of silly love and tenderness and gentleness which makes her beautiful inside and out. We also are blessed with Dumb dog. And he truly is the worlds dumbest dog ever. He loves to chase squirrel and I would love for him to actually catch the one that keeps eating all my birdseed. But that ain't never ever gonna happen. If I see the squirrel on the bird feeder in the front window, I will pick him up and show him the squirrel. Then I open the front door and he runs the other way. WHY? Maybe because some three years ago he saw a squirrel over on that side of the yard and somehow its become his truth. All squirrel in dumb dogs world are out the front door and to the left. But the squirrel runs down the steps and across the driveway and this movement catches dumb dogs attention and he then diverts his run and redirects his attentions to the movement going up the palm tree in the front yard. He really is a sweet old dumb dog.

So that is an introduction to my little family here on our corner of the world. There is plenty more to tell with our huge extended family. There is a story behind every picture and that is were I am going. I love to tell stories. I have some real good ones. I am not the funny one in my family, but I am the story teller. I love to remember. I have been know to fabricate a few lines to make the story better, but for the most part there is truth in there somewhere. Well I do have painting to attend to, so I better get started on that. Until next time, this is girl schmuck signing off.


  1. Amy, What a DELIGHTFUL blog you have begun! Keep it up! Your little family, including DumbDog, is wonderful! Wish I had met you in person when I was living in PR...
    Blessings, Lyn in Nampa ID

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. I wish we had gotten together also. But one day for sure even if we have to wait till heaven my dear.