Random happiness

These are just a few random pictures that make me smile.

This is a day we went to the Flea Market.  Little bit found this hat the first five minutes we were there. For the next two hours, she kept asking for it. She wore it home, she wore it to the table, asked to be served dinner in a dog food bowl and then she wore it to bed. She even wore it to school the next day.

 I dressed the girls up for church but then they allowed me to to an UPDO for church. Little bit's hair is so straight that it won't stay. A reminder of a photo I did with my best friends on my wedding day.

I love to watch my boys work together on a project. This is daddy and his boy installing the tonnaeu cover on the truck.

Happy Birthday Papa. This is Papa and his new puppy on his 75th birthday.

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  1. So funny you call your girl Little Bit, that is my nickname also... either that or Little One!