What do you want to do when you grow up?

How many times do you think as a kid you were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I hated being asked that question. I felt like I was always expected to give them the answer they wanted, so I did. I think a better question is, “What gifts and talents do you share with others?”

As a girl, I was given the idea for women’s job opportunities were few and far between as a teacher, nurse, dental hygienist and secretary. Those were the jobs the women in my life held. No one ever in my life suggested perhaps I could become a fisherman even though we lived in Florida. There was no discussion of librarian, electrician, plumber, post office worker or mechanic. I never knew you could make a living as an artist. My parents were holders of Masters Degrees, I was going to college. However college is just not for everyone.

I was NOT a great student and I did NOT do well in high school. I found food to be my great love. Eating it, selling it, changing it, experimenting with it, creating new recipes, making it sing in your mouth and sharing it, food was my art. I decided to be a chef, but yet again that idea was discouraged because the big culinary schools were so expensive and my parents didn’t have the money. I interviewed with an Executive Chef at a big hotel for a sous chef position and was told, “This is a man’s world honey and I don’t see you being able to cut it.” He was right. I didn’t like the hours very much.

In college I was working  to get my degree to become a dietitian. Life interrupted that idea and I got a job with a veterinarian. I nearly fainted when I had to assist in the operating room. I worked in a law firm for awhile. Lawyers are fine; it was the secretaries I had problems with. They enjoyed too much drama. If there wasn’t enough drama going on in the office, they created it. I loved being a social worker helping people apply for benefits, however the stress level in a state job can kill you and it nearly did me in. The job that has fit me best and the one I have held down the longest is MOM.

If we return to my question, “What gifts and talents do you share with others?” my answer is twofold. The first part of the answer is myself. I share myself with others.  I am not sure how I discovered this gift. It’s the gift of gab maybe??  I am friendly, honest, relaxed, vulnerable, and insightful with a tuned-in radar when others try skirting answers. I also pick up on body language and can tell when others are uncomfortable. I can talk with just about anyone regardless of nationality, color, sex, wealth status or profession. The second part of the answer is writing. I didn’t realize I was a writer but I have been all my life. It goes beyond the love affair with pens and notebooks. Somewhere deep in my soul I have a voice that needs to speak and to be heard. If you didn’t listen my soul would speak anyways. I don’t need an audience. I love an audience, and if I know I have an audience, I will usually do anything to keep the audience, to have them laugh with me and sometimes at me. Sometimes I write to inform you of an issue that just needs to be known. Sometimes I write about my kids and the funny things they say or do. Sometimes I write about my own experiences or maybe great service I received. Sometimes I write about God, and my faith, my joy, my sadness, my friends that might be experiencing difficult times. Over on my other blog I write about my health issues surrounding diabetes.

Over the next couple of weeks, possible months, I am going to seek people out that have really interesting jobs. I am going to bring my camera and my notepad and just have a conversation with them. I think it will create some fantastic new posts. I am giving myself the title “Down Town Reviewer”.  My small town has some really interesting people doing some really interesting jobs in it. See you soon.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Still struggling with the whole 'whats my talent' thing! Maybe one day I'll work it out, but for now I'll just be the Mummy & wife God created me to be!

  2. This is such a beautiful post. I find it interesting because I was brought up with jobs in mind that are distinctly male in the western world. Engineering first, and because that didn't appeal to me so much after 3 years of technical study in high school, business studies. I enjoyed it too, and I do it for my day job and I am good at it, yet, it's the writing that I fell in love with.

  3. Elizabeth, you are a child of God. He has not left you or forsaken you. God has blessed you with Button and now another life on the way. My kids are five and seven, and I am also still searching. It is one one day.."Oh that is what I am suppose to do", but more of just something that will happen. I think whatever you do, Keep God in the center.. HE wants to be your center and grounding. All glory goes to him.

  4. Dolly, So what I hear you saying, is that writing is your passion, right? Well Cooking is my passion, but writing is in my soul. If you put the two together, you get.. writing cookbooks. Its an idea I have toyed with. I think I will eventually publish one for our family favorites. Thanks for sharing with us.