Christmas, The final gift... its the big one

"Papa, what does this say, I can't read the handwriting."

The first box contains....

..a wacky poem written by Santa himself.

Box number two is a odd piece of velcro and long spiral cord.

Box three is the key to the garage and an odd shaped key that
 looks just like dad's ATV key.

The hint in the note said I have to wear my helmet

"See I told you it was the garage key mom"

Hurry, I want to see too.

(what you can't hear is the excited "WOW", "oh Man". But if you look closely at the side of his face, you can see his smile.)

Stinker Bell, his sister has claimed
 her back seat position for a ride.

Merry Christmas Diesel Boy

See you all next year
this is Girl Schmuck signing off

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