My Beautiful friend

The Lord has blessed me with true friends. This is just one.

This is my beautiful friend. I love my friend.
She is very talented.

Her name is Lisa Ball. Normally I would not put real names on my blog (but she said it was OK) and I want to tell you about her incredible talent. She has created a page on facebook called Icing on the cake photography by Lisa Ball 
She captures the most amazing moments through her lens.

She started taking pictures when her kids were born. Then she bought herself a better camera and took a class. Then she took a bunch more pictures, got better and bought another (better than the last) camera. Now she has experience, talent, a real eye for the moment and snaps the best shots ever.

Years ago in college, I had to write a paper called "The most talented person I know".  I can tell you now that the instructor did not like my choice or original person. I chose to write about my mom. She juggled, she wore many hats and did sprints as well.  My instructor wanted  a paper on a wealthy famous talented person.  I don't know those kind of people. I only know the talent I just mentioned above. I got a "C" on the paper. 
Today I would tell you Lisa is one of the most talented people I know. As a magician she hides veggies in her kids meals. She makes dirt disappear when her friends drop over.  As a juggler she juggles a family, chief cook, the boo boo nurse, taxi driver to kids,  home organizer, maid, career woman and now photographer. She plays the peace maker at work and home.. trying to defuse the hot irons in the fire. 
Lisa got a double dose of Kindness on her plate when God was passing out gifts.
Lisa's true talent from God is her pictures. Well her eyes are the gift.
I am not sure what she sees when she puts the lens up to her eye, but it is different that what I see.  She captures the peacefulness, the gentleness, the calm, the silly's and the spirit of the moment. Maybe when you are attached to the people in the photography your heart does a pitter pat and you immediately believe its the greatest thing since ice cream. Somehow Lisa is able to connect and attach herself to those she sees,  identifying her target, she zooms in and snaps it into forever. Its all ice cream with Lisa. Or should we say its all Icing on the cake. You eat what you like, I eat what I like. She likes cake.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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