I love this book, I love this book, I love this book

** Edited Note: It's been brought to my  attention I never SAID what book I was talking about. First, anyone who is reading on my blog can SEE the link, and secondly I will try to refrain from answering the phone while I am posting.  The Book is The Write-Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer.

I bought a new book. I have to tell you about it. If you don't love to write, if your not a journaler, if colored paper and pens don't make you drool.... well then listen up anyways b/c it makes a dang good gift.

This book the one right here. This book makes me want to forget how to make dinner and sit at the dining room table and want to play journaling club.

If I had come up with this idea, I would have written this book. But I didn't. First its the heavy weight paper. Good paper to write on if you wanted to write in this workbook. But I don't. I will write in my cheap journal b/c I will want to re-do the writing assignments over again, and if I read what I wrote before it will taint what I might write next year. But again. LOVE the heavy weight paper. You can always buy another copy I suppose and write in it all over. That would work too.
Next is the COLOR; visual stimulating art pages. Each and every single page is a new art design. So it really speaks to the art journaler in me. Love that.
Ok, Now the writing. I love the prompts and I usually hate prompts b/c they are so boring. But these are not boring. These journal prompts are in depth and draw you in (no pun intended) ok so they suck you in and keep you there.
 The prompts ask you to think outside of your world, not just outside the box. Then the last part of each page is called, "Taking the next step". This little box encourages you to take the prompt one more level, to do another layer of activities on this already in touch prompt.
The thing I do love about this book is what it is NOT. It is not a "woe is me, I am broken, therapy, self help, touchy feely, enabler- addiction, need a 12 step group" book. There are enough of those books out there. They are good for what they do. I even used those kind of books myself once upon a day.  This is a great book for the writer and non writer. This is for the daily journaler and everyone that wants to be a daily journaler. This is for homeschooling moms and teachers in the public school system. This is a great Journalism class assignment. I can not wait to get my hands on her other book, which is called :

Take Ten For Writers. I think I am gonna like that book too.  Oh by the way, I just really love this book. I didn't get it for free, I paid full price. I did not get any special benefits or a trip to Hawaii. I just wanted to share with my writing buddies, my journal pals that I will be recommending this to the library and the journal club. Its fun. I like fun. I also sent an email to the author Bonnie Neubauer b/c I wanted her to know  how much I have enjoyed her book and have owned it less then 24 hours. I sent her a link to my blog too. I think all writers are in need of a big applause if they write something really awesome.
So maybe your not the writer or journaler, but maybe you want your kids to be? You think your niece might like this book? I do believe in giving books as gifts. Just in case you want to start your Christmas list early.. this might be a really great idea? 

This is Girl Schmuck signing off


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! Hi there, Bonnie Neubauer, autho of the Write-Brain Workbook here. Thank you for loving the book. And a big double thank you for spreading the word about it.

    Since you are so excited about the design of the book, let me tell you a little about it. The majority of pages were designed by students as part of a contest. If you look in the back of the book, you will see that credit was given to the designer of each and every page. The students whose designs were selected were also given a copy of the book for their portfolio. The rest of the pages were designed by the amazing in-house team at Writer's Digest Books/F&W Media.

    As far as the actual content of the book, I wrote/created all the writing prompts and Take the Next Step exercises. The prompts were tested over many years by writers just like you at free drop-in writing workshops hosted by Borders and Barnes & Noble stores in the Greater Philadelphia area.

    There is no greater pleasure than watching someone catch (or rediscover) the joy of writing. That was my goal with Write-Brain Workbook (and Take Ten for Writers) and I am thrilled that it has ignited your enthusiasm.

    I want you to know that your enthusiasm is contagious and has made me think about proposing a Write-Brain Workbook II to my agent/editor. I will let you know if I do this. Until then, I hope you continue to enjoy the current books and continue to share your creativity and beautiful creative energy with as many people as possible.

    Write on! -Bonnie Neubauer

  2. How cool is that to have the AUTHOR of the book you love, leave a comment. Thanks Bonnie. I hope to see another great book like this workbook. Ya know we writers and journalers love pens, and workbooks, so maybe you can creat a fun pen to go along with your workbook. Just an idea.