Fabulous Friday

So its Friday. I have no plans.

There is some country song that says, "my favorite view is on my front porch looking in".

That's not entirely true, about the plans,  I mean. I have plans to purchase jelly jars and cook my Strawberry Pineapple with strawberry Liqueur syrup and jar it up. I am not going to even try to pretend that it will jell and become jam. So I am going to make a syrup out of it. Last night I just had to try my Strawberry Peach jam. I bought Greek yogurt and mixed in some of my jam. I was in happy mouth heaven.

So remember yesterday I was going to ask hubby to help me with the garden? Yeah, well we have this camphor tree stump that is huge. Its so big it is pushing the garden wall over. The wall is made of rail road timbers.. the great big ones. Even dry rotted, hollow except for snakes they are really really heavy.
Anyways, Military Man gets out the industrial blow torch and starts to burn away the new growth on the stump. So I start digging away and pulling the dirt away from the stump to help expose the roots and more of the stump.  The end result was ripping off a portion of the garden wall, dirt everywhere and us realizing just how big this stump is.  (Pictures tomorrow, I promise) Out came the axe.  The roots have grown around the electrical line that feeds the garden lamp post.  I fell asleep around 9:30.. No wait that was hubby. I was awake working on my blog until 11pm last night.
This scares me to no end. But boys will be boys. I make him wear his helmet. I am still the mom.

The boy in the red, has no shoes on his feet. I made him go put shoes on. I couldn't breathe and watch him at the same time.

How do moms of boys not have heart failure? I finally had to go in the house.
Do something today to make your Friday Fabulous.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. First, thankyou so much for leaving a comment on my blog and for the award - I will sort out what it means later. Second - re moms of boys; well know just how you feel - and I still worry about our own boys, and they are now aged 50 and almost 48! I look forward to catching up with your blog as soon as I have a moment (it's a bit hectic here at the moment). Ann from UK.