Time to hang up the pool floaties

Its time.  Time to hang up the pool floaties even for us Florida people who swim nearly all year long.

But the good news is that you can now dump the water out of the kiddie pool and do this:

Fill it with sand. Ok, I admit I am a wound a bit too tight to handle sand this close to the house. I hate sand in the house. HATE it. I love sand under my feet when and only when I am at the beach. I love to be barefoot and hate dirty feet. I know, I am insane. So I came up with a fanstasic Idea.

One large green mat to brush the sand off the feet when they step out of the sand pool.

And, One large bucket of water to rinse of remaining sand. I am so smart. Well not really
Because my kids proceeded to dump sand by the bucket full into the water and make mud.

They were so proud of themselves. "Now we have super wet sticky sand and mud to make sand castles with mom." 
Yeap this is pure Joy. Well the other good news is that I don't have cats.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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