I fought the lawn and the lawn won

Here in Florida the lawn needs mowed every week. I have told Military Man I am willing to mow the lawn, but it will be done on my schedule. That didn't go over well at all. Military Man is very concerned about what the neighbors think. Me, I could care less. I walk the dog out front in a t-shirt and my underware, and don't care if the neighbors are looking. But Military Man has to have a Neat and clean front yard, clean cars and a haircut.
I have had to say to him before that sometimes I wish I were the Lawn, b/c then I would get more attention. Yeah, again that didn't go over so well. But I said it anyway. I will say it again....... WHO CARES????

We are not talking about a lawn with weeds growing amok and grass in the driveway. Its about three inches deep and a few bitty weeds. But to Military Man you might have called the Neighborhood police and have people standing in the yard with measuring sticks.

This is a typical conversation on Friday night. Me: so what are we doing fun and exciting this weekend? Him: well the cars need cleaned, grass needs mowed and I need to get a haircut. Me: you don't need to mow the grass again, jeez, lighten up will ya. And why do we need to wash the cars again? I go down a dirt road twice a day everyday, what difference will it make? Him: can't go to church in  a dirty car, what will people say? The lawn is do deep the mower will barely go through it. Me: Ok, fine, so what am I suppose to do while you doing all that? Him: you could clean the bathrooms.  Me: (glaring and fuming) this is the weekend where the kids and I are suppose to get to spend time with you... I can clean bathrooms anytime. Him: why don't we go to the car show Saturday night, that will be fun, we can all hang out together??

Usually at this point I have picked up the remote and turn the TV on and quietly ignore him. I love that man to death, I really do but I do not prioritize things the same as he does.

So today is Saturday. Guess where my Military Man is? Yeah, making the lawn so beautiful. But its not just the cutting. Then its the edging, weedwacking and the blower to blow all the dust around and make me sneeze. I woke up, got dressed, got kids breakfast, I have taken a walk, got diesel boy to bowling, come home fed kids lunch and its nearly 2pm. The lawn mowing is still going on.
If we lived in the mountains or had snow on the ground this really would not be an issue today. But because its so beautiful outside and its a cool 82 degrees, the day if perfect for anything. And instead we hang around waiting for the lawn to be done. So here is my theory... Its Zen for men. Its their therapy, like women shop. Grass mowing is zen like for men, where they drown out all other forms of noise. Cause I know I am not the only one to suffer from, "I fought the lawn and the lawn won". 
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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