Not Rushing

This morning I am not rushing. I have had two cups of coffee which I was able to drink at normal slow speed rather than suck it down now and scald my mouth off speed. I sat and leisurely read the newspaper. I was actually able to read the current events, the Pasco Times, which doesn't amount to much, and the comics, which by the way are not funny at all anymore but I keep reading in hope that one day they become funny again.

So why do I have this extra time on Sunday Morning? Skipping out on church you ask? NO
I am just going to the later service, the traditional service.... the service were they sing the old hymns, clergy wear the robes, men wear ties and ladies wear dresses and heels.

We normally go to the contemporary service. Where pretty much anything goes. Shorts, flip flops, polo shirts, cut offs, sandals and mini skirts.. sometimes too mini, but that is another post.

But now I am finding myself well, bored, waiting around for 10am to roll around so we can leave for church. I am a social butterfly and need to flit and fly around and be busy and well... rush. Sigh,,,, I do wonder, does a butterfly have a hard time deciding where to go each morning, what plant to visit? How far do I fly, were will I lay my eggs? Is there enough water nearby, do I need to check to see if there is shelter  before I go out in case it starts to rain?
Have you ever noticed that when you busy with stuff to do, things to accomplish you don't have time to think? We even say, "I don't even have a moment to myself, no time to think".  But when you can't think you don't worry.... OK, maybe you worry but you sure do worry a lot LESS. I am too busy to worry. So I think that is my issue, I have too much time on my hands right now and I am thinking too much.... Ha And my parents use to say, I never think before I do something. I just proved them right,,, oops? Did I just prove my parents right?

So its better not to think, so you don't think, .... about stuff to worry about?  Oh goodness, its only 9:50am, I still have 10 mins to go before I leave for church. Hmmmm wonder what I will think about in the car?

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Hahaha - my parents still say the same thing about me ;-)!