Sunday March 21, 2010 4pm

So after my first day on the job as a new blogger I received many compliments, one follower and no comments. I was told by a close friend to keep it short and always always always include the pictures. So here is a picture of the mass of cups and straws on my kitchen counter. Two kids cups and two Girl Schmuck Cups. The latte coffee was turned into an iced coffee, then the Diet Mountain Dew in the center was my afternoon pick me up, which turned into late night midnight emails. I can not handle caffeine after 2pm, or your destine to receive weird emails that have stranger titles.

So whats up with my straw obsession? I have to have a straw in my drinks. I don't have sensitive teeth. I have a drinking problem. Yeah, If I drink without a straw I am doomed to wear it down the front of my shirt. Its an ice issue that started as a child living in HOT Florida. I love LOTS of ice in my glass. More ice than drink. That's how I love to have a cold drink. I like watered down drinks. I like soda that is less fizzy and icy cold in a glass. The fastest way to cool down is to drink lots of ice cold water. Cool your core temperature. And then you come back and you still have a drink, melted ice which is still icy cold. Anyway if you have that much ice and attempt to drink it without a straw, the ice becomes one huge ice cube and as you tip the glass forward the ice slides forward, sloshing all the drink with it... sploosh!!

I tend to have guests and a lot of them at times. I live for the moment when one of my guests asks for something and I have it. (Ooh I just love to have guests) I always have extra toothbrushes, soaps, toothpaste, razors etc. in the guest bathroom. I have extra brand new pillows in the closet (after watching Oprah complain about lumpy smelly old pillows). I love fresh flowers in the rooms and I have straws in my pantry and on my counter top. I understand for those of you with sensitive teeth, that cold and hot can be very very painful and straws help. That's my job here at Hotel Schmucker to be a help when you stay. Ok, Girl Schmuck signing off

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